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Tigress *Puisi

Tigress *Puisi
Tigress *Puisi
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Tigress *Puisi
Tigress *Puisi
Tigress *Puisi

"Poets, Stay true because your words are not going to heal until you do." “The subtlety of Ayu’s words sometimes play a trick on her readers. Smooth and unassuming, but suddenly the warmth of her poetry will embrace you without a warning. The beauty of Tigress lies on how Ayu meticulously crafted her lines word by word with a touch of emotional force. It’s personal but visible and accessible, like a garden at your front yard. Don’t let her gentleness deceive you into thinking that her words are all niceties, though. At unexpected turns, she will bite. After all, she’s a Tigress.” - Pangeran Siahaan, Author & Presenter

Jumlah Halaman   : 144
Tanggal Terbit        : 17 Des 2018
ISBN                      : 9786020619897
Bahasa                  : English
Penerbit                 : Gramedia Pustaka Utama
Berat                      : 0.11 kg
Lebar                     : 20 cm
Panjang                 : 13.5 cm

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