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In The Middle of Everything

In The Middle of Everything
In The Middle of Everything
In The Middle of Everything
In The Middle of Everything
In The Middle of Everything
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I hope she finally decides it is enough to restrain herself and start to write the novella about an overly realistic woman Every time she is in contact with her natural range, she screams After that, she will be ashamed of her action, shuts her mouth, jumps rope She is definitely the cooler version rather than the people-pleaser version of me My parents never speak of love, fun, passion, and always ask for a payback She does not have parents, one day she popped under a banyan tree and picked herself up __

In “Ice Lemon Tea” a woman spends hours questioning herself about how she ended up doing multiple roles, and realizes that she won't have the energy to be committed to any of them anymore. She ends her rumination by taking a cute selfie on her phone. The narrator in “So Tired Of Being Easily Sick” thinks she has already implemented a generally accepted healthy lifestyle and deserves a certain level of fitness, but still, time and gravitation are more robust in terms of execution. "Mood Tracker '' takes a peek at the excessive daily journal of someone who is going through high and low, and how trivial things such as an overpriced linen spray and an exaggerated to-do list push her to get through day by day.

This book is a collection of stories, narrative poetry, untitled pieces, and drawings that collectively depart from an attempt to portray how the opposite is also true. The characters (mostly female) exist and cope in the middle of past, present, future / surviving, existing, living / attachment, detachment, non-attachment / logic, emotion, ethics / admiration, jealousy, hatred / abstract, negative, concrete / flight, fight, freeze, and so on, but it’s all very casual. Even sandwiched between the possibility of becoming a perfected version of themselves or completely losing their identities, some of the characters still manage to maintain the ability to laugh at themselves, to prepare a weekly meal plan, to get obsessed with spreadsheets, and to grow a social media presence.
Jumlah Halaman : 184
Tanggal Terbit : 01 Mar 2023
ISBN : 9786020668710
Penerbit : GPU
Berat : 204 gr
Lebar : 13 cm
Panjang : 20 cm


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