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Helena Natasha

A Starry Journal
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Author: Helena Natasha Model: 9786024810764
This journal would guide you to find the right stars to dreams, navigate its light through the night, catch them with your hands, and more. It’s time for you to start. We’re here for you. Jumlah Halaman   : 256.0 Tanggal Terbit        : 17 Des 2018 IS..
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Love, Spelled in Poetry
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Author: Helena Natasha Model: 9786024810986
Here's to the planes you missed, the tickets ripped away, and the lands left unexplored. Here's to the boxes left unopened, the keys thrown away, and the treasures left untouched. Here's to the 2am throughts, the songs of what ifs, and the chances I missed. ..
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