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Toefl For Your Careers
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Toefl For Your Careers

Henricus W. Ismanthono, born in Magetan, is a senior lecturer in the English language with
over forty-year practice in education since 1967:, provides English language training from
high schools to university in Malang, Singaraja Bali, and Jakarta; human resources
management and upgrading; he is also engaged in writing course materials, and curriculum
development. He completed his higher education (Teacher Training and Paedagogy - IKIP),
Malang in 1972, attended overseas short courses in Training Management & Methods,
Applied Linguistics and the Teaching of English, earned Advanced Diploma in TESOL from
Manchester University in 2000, participated in seminars and workshops in TEFL in the
country and overseas e.g RELC (Singapore). Other courses include Environment Awareness,
Diplomacy Program, Press Conference held in the country. 

Tanggal Terbit : 4 Agt 2015

ISBN : 9786023751198

Penerbit : Gramedia Widiasarana Indonesia

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