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Scholastic, Inc

Harry Potter Paper Flyers (PB)
100% ORIGINAL Ready
Author: Editors of Klutz Model: 9781338106398
The world of Harry Potter is full of magical flying things. So, how does one enjoy some of the most amazing magical flyers in the Wizarding world without heading to Hogwarts?By building paper replicas, of course!From Harry to Hedwig, this book is full of beautifully illustrated flyers on stu..
Rp159,800 Rp188,000
Maths 3-4: Shape and Size (B)
Author: Octopus Model: 9780192765512
Maths 3-4: Shape and Size (B)..
Rp114,750 Rp135,000
Mortal Engines #05: Night Flights (B)
100% ORIGINAL Ready
Author: Reeve, Philip Model: 9781407186771
Anna Fang is a spy. An aviatrix. An escaped slave. But no one knows the whole story - until now.In the dangerous future world of MORTAL ENGINES, huge motorized cities hunt, attack and devour each other. It is there that Anna's home was consumed by Arkangel, the great predator city. She was s..
Rp148,750 Rp175,000
Scary Tales Book 1
Author: James Preller (Author) Model: 9781447246831
Life hasnt been easy for eight-year-old Liam Finn and older sister. Kelly. since their mom died. nearly two years ago. Their father hopes moving will be a new beginning for them all. but their new house has many spooky. unsettling occurrences: slamming doors. sinister messages. mysterious creaks and..
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