Dear Tomorrow

Dear Tomorrow

Penerbit: Bentang Belia

Kode Produk: 9786024301927
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Guilty as charged.

I am one of those people who adore witty quotes and phrases.
I love being reminded by simple truths.
I love how short statements can strike a chord in our minds and move us to do something.

This book is a compilation of my experiences, thoughts, and conversations with myself on love, dreams, and life. All throughout this book, I curated takeaways—things that I want to be reminded of in the future. Saving it for all my tomorrows. If anything I write here can make you smile—or think, then I’ve done what I wanted through writing this book.




Format               Hard Cover
ISBN                  9786024301927
Tanggal Terbit    24 April 2018
Bahasa              Inggris
Penerbit             Bentang Belia
Halaman            192
Dimensi             13 cm x 20,5 cm

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