Presenting (Essential Managers)

Presenting (Essential Managers)

Penulis/Pengarang: DK (Author)


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The practical guide that gives you the skills to succeed at presenting

DK's Essential Managers series contains the know-how you need to be a more effective manager and hone your management style.

Find out how to improve your presenting skills by learning how to prepare properly, capture attention, speak confidently and deliver your message. You'll discover how to structure your presentation, engage with your audience and make an impact. In a slim, portable format Essential Managers gives you a practical 'how-to' approach with step-by-step instructions, tips, checklists and 'ask yourself' features showing you how to focus your energy, manage change and make an impact.

If you are keen to brush up on or enhance your presenting skills, this is the guide for you


ISBN 9780241186275
Halaman 96
Cover Paperback
Tanggal Terbit 2 Februari 2015
Publisher DK Pub.
Ukuran 13 x 18

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