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#88 Love Life Vol. 3

#88 Love Life Vol. 3
#88 Love Life Vol. 3
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#88 Love Life has always been a delightful series that never fails to make its readers smile. In this third volume, the author takes us for a trip to reality where dreams and passion meet priorities, causing dilemmas and the need to make big adjustiments in life. Extremelly heartwarming and relevant to our daily struggles, this book will definitely change your perspective towards life. Not to forget, this book is filled with illustrations that will certainly cheer up your day and become A GOOD ADDITION to your social media.


ISBN                 9786024242923
Penerbit            Bhuana Ilmu Populer 
Tanggal Terbit   Februari 2017
Berat                 250 gram
Format              Hard Cover
Bahasa             Indonesia 

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