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38 and Pregnant

38 and Pregnant
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38 and Pregnant
With all the warnings against women being pregnant after 35, I started to observe people who are pregnant during the “late age”. I cursed myself for not having this urge when I was 30, not a couple of years away from 40. Well, Nicole Kidman was having her first baby at 41, but obviously I’m not a Hollywood starlet with an army of top-notch doctors and babysitters. Or should I opt for adoption instead?

Jumlah Halaman : 192
Tanggal Terbit : Jul 16, 2018
ISBN : 9786020458304
Bahasa : English
Penerbit : Elex Media Komputindo
Berat : 0.2 kg
Lebar : 15 cm
Panjang : 15 cm

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